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Never get another photo radar ticket again
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Mark from Tampa, FL on Sep 02, 2013
Absolutely the BEST protection against photo cameras. I have used sprays, and other types of covers in the past - all of them turned out to be failures. I am not sure if the cameras have gotten more advanced or if they added video capture now as well, but it seems that the only thing out there that is able to stop everything is the photomaskcover. I even bought one for each one of my daughters cars just to be on the safe side.
NyGiants from San Diego, CA on Jul 28, 2013
My neighbor got one on his car and motorcycle so I inquired about this and he pointed me towards photomaskcover to stop red light tickets once and for all. He swears by this, and to my surprise this cover is barely noticeable on the car! It works perfect and you can still read the numbers head on. I got two to cover both my front and rear plate and so far knock on wood I have avoided the big brothers capture!
sophia from Baltimore, MD on Jun 03, 2013
With cameras on every light here in Maryland I was getting nailed at least once a month! I decided to go out and do something about it and came across the PhotoMaskCover. I have previously had the spray, but that did nothing more than just coat my license plate with some clear coat and still not stop any tickets.
Memorylane29 from Hollywood, FL on May 21, 2013
We bought these covers as a group buy in my office as the conversation of photo tickets came up once during our lunch. I organized this and bought it for my entire department. These red light tickets at $160 a pop are outrageous! This cover has been a lifesaver. Best of all, the plate is fully readable from directly behind the car, but gets blury at angles. I know Miami police aren?t the friendliest but I and neither has anyone else who has these had any trouble with these on! Great Buy.
tough_rig from Capitola, CA, on Feb 03, 2013
I have been in law enforcement for 40 years and I am disquisted about what?s going on in our country! I purchased the Photo mask cover several weeks ago to protect myself and my family from illegal and unfair traffic enforcement. Our citizens are at the mercy of corrupt, elected and appointed public officials, law enforcement, and corporations. Law Enforcement use to be about protection and service to the community, however today it is definitely more about the money. I have told all of my friends...and strongly recommend they take advantage of the products offered before some corrupt politician decides to pass another law and ban beat the light products.
roger l. from Mount Carroll,IL on Jan 07, 2013
I have had this on my motorcycle for years and decided to go out and get one for all of my cars as well. This product works exactly as advertised, plate is clear from head on and blury from all sides and overhead. My understanding is as long as plate is readable from behind the vehicle you shouldn?t encounter any trouble. I don?t care in either case though as at least I have my privacy back now. And the extra expense saved is worth it.
DJ OJ from Tappen,ND on Sep 15, 2012
I have had the spray before this and that appears to be more of a gimmick. At least it seems to be with the cameras in new York. I didn?t wait too long before finding this product and it works great. I watched a youtube video on it prior to purchasing where someone basically demonstrates exactly how it works. Its not too visible from the back which I love. Another bonus is that it works on tolls as well ;)
J. C. "James" from New York, NY on Jul 08, 2012
Until recently, I worked for a prominent photo enforcement company. I could see all the creative ways people tried to hide their plate. Out of all the things that people tried I only saw two methods that worked. One was when people physically obstructed their plates with things like snow and the other way was when people had used these photomaskcovers. Friends always used to ask me if the spray worked, and lets just say I never saw any license plate pictures that were overexposed. After moving to new york, these camera's are everywhere, and luckily I knew exactly what to buy.
Charley from Tucson, AZ on Mar 02, 2012
I ordered these through Mike and they were at my doorstep 2 days later! Love your products, I covered all of my vehicles and the 2 harleys I own. I will never drive/ride again without this on. Since my town has went crazy with the cameras its time to fight back. This definitely looks like it works, you see it as soon as you attach this to the plate. Take this cameras!
Susan from Myrtle Creek,OR on Feb 05, 2012
The PhotoMaskCover is the ONLY thing that works against those darn red light and speed cameras. It is virtually impossible to grab an image of your plate with this thing on unless youre standing eye level behind your plate directly back. Have had over 2 trouble free ticket free years in Baltimore now. I am happy someone out there is fighting for our privacy instead of robbing us of it and our checkbooks of money. I must add that this product is durable and Ive had it on my plate now through car washes, snow, rain, etc without it fading, braking etc.
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