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Myths of the Spray Scam

Don't be fooled by the photo radar blocking spray

Myth #1: The Spray is a special blend of effective ingredients.
FALSE. It is nothing more then repackaged $3 Clear Coat. For anyone that has ever tried using it, it is apparant by smell alone the second that you try to spray your plate. If you are still not sure about the effectiveness of photo radar sprays, atleast save yourself some money and just buy a can of clear coat instead.
Myth #2: The spray is effective against photo radar cameras
 FALSE. Mythbusters is a popular myth busting tv show, and after a thorough test, they proved that these photo radar sprays are completely ineffective against red light and speed camera's.

Myth #3: The spray can overexpose the image taken by cameras
PARTIAL TRUTH. The spray is based on the principle of making your plate shiny, so that when a picture of your plate is taken with flash, the shiny coat reflects the flash and makes your plate unreadable. This principle used to work when photo radar was in its infancy because the camera's were not properly calibrated. Since then, the camera's have been adjusted to make this an obsolete form of protection. If you are skeptical, go ahead and take a picture with flash of you plate with the spray. If you used any modern camera, you will see that the picture came out crystal clear. Do you believe your city, that's making millions from photo radar, are using a cheaper less sophisticated camera? Regardless, many camera's no longer use flash and some even take video's of the intersection.

Myth #4: There are real testimonials of the effectiveness of the spray
FALSE. All these testimonials are either outdated or made by the companies themselves. There are hundreds of reviews on these sprays documented to be a scam. A sample of these reviews can be found all over the web such as in scam1, scam2 and scam3. Many of our current customers purchase the PhotoMaskCover after getting multiple tickets after trying the spray. You can avoid being ripped of and buy a solution that works.

Myth#5:The photo radar spray is cheaper
FALSE. While the photo radar spray may cost less, it will cost you more in the long run considering you will continue receiving tickets. Since it is not effective at its only task, it becomes nothing more than an overpriced paperweight.

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